Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing is committed to solving the issues that concern its residents. That is why Lincoln Military Housing is working to eradicate any mold problems that may exist within the residences by creating a plan made of eight specific points. Professionals will inspect all the residences to see if there is any outstanding mold. Lincoln Military Housing is concerned with the health of its residents and encourages people to take steps to identify and get rid of mold, as well as call us.

There are three common types of mold that should never be left unaddressed. Aspergillus spores, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys are all different types of molds that are common in homes. At times, it can be a challenge for people to identify which type of mold they have. You can stop any type of mold from spreading by cleaning and removing the mold yourself. The first way to stop the mold, though, is to identify it. There are easy ways to identify mold.

The most distinguishable way to spot mold is by sight. Since mold usually grows by water sources, start by inspecting bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else a water source is located. You can easily see the difference between mold and simple discoloration. You will also be able to smell the mold, even if you cannot see it. This is not a serious problem, though. There are simple steps you can follow when you have discovered mold. First of all, turn off any water that is near the mold because it is probably the source of the problem. Create a dry, clean environment and turn off any heating or cooling devices. These devices are the way that mold spores spread and create new areas of growth.

Finally, you should always contact the Lincoln Military Housing toll free hotline at (855) 564-4968 to express your mold concerns. Licensed professionals are on standby to inspect and treat any residences with suspected mold issues. There is also a housing advocate that you can contact as a liaison to get you the help you need to eradicate any mold. If there is any concern about mold, there will be a way to eradicate it.

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